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The wireless keyboard for Videoigras PLAYSTATION 3

The wireless keyboard for Videoigras PLAYSTATION 3
Logitech announced a new accessory for PLAYSTATION 3 – Logitech MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth. It is the wireless keyboard for PLAYSTATION 3, rabotuyushchy through Bluetooth. This keyboard is specially designed for use with PS3 prefix.

Logitech MediaBoard facilitates navigation process on the PLAYSTATION Network network by means of the allocated PS3 buttons (a circle, a small square, a dagger and a triangle). Also the keyboard possesses convenient media клавиашами which simplify work on the Internet, provide fast access to the control panel and to multimedia. And the built-in touch panel as on laptops, it allows to be released from a mouse.

The keyboard has glossy, black furnish and differs a graceful and easy form that does its use and storage simple and convenient. Thanks to the wireless Bluetooth technology users can play by means of the keyboard, being at distance to 10 meters from PS3 prefix. In the keyboard two AA batteries providing more than 200 business hours are used. Thus the two-level indicator of a charge of batteries helps to define, when batteries start to be discharged.

The wireless Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard keyboard is expected on sale in the territory of the USA and Europe in October of this year at the recommended retail price of €79.99.

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