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The new Ritmix direction in Russia – wire microphones

The new Ritmix direction in Russia – wire microphones

The known Korean company Ritmix, the producer of portable equipment, constantly expands the range of the production, filling up modeling lines of a MP3 players, earphones and accessories, mastering the new directions. So, in August of Ritmix will present in the Russian market of 6 models of wire microphones. This absolutely new product of the company is not the professional, studio equipment and is intended only for fans.

The new model range will be presented by six wire vocal microphones three of which are executed from plastic, and three more – from light metal. The first (RDM-131, RDM-132, RDM-133) possess similar technical characteristics (resistance of 600 Ohm, sensitivity of 68 dB, a frequency range of 80-15000 Hz). Besides, each microphone will have a demountable cord in length of 3 m. Models differ with design of the case and weight.

Novelties of RDM-311, RDM-312, RDM-313 (in the photo) represent vocal microphones of dynamic type with the metal case. They possess bigger sensitivity in comparison with models from plastic (74 dB), and also longer demountable cord (at RDM-311 – 4 m, and at RDM-312 and RDM-313 – 5 m). For the rest a difference, also as well as at microphones of the RDM-13x series of this ruler – in design of the case and weight.

You can learn detailed information on these novelties of Ritmix on

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