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The navigator without the display?

The navigator without the display?

The Pharos company announced two new automobile GPS navigators – Pharos GPS Drive 150 and Pharos GPS Drive 250. Difference of these models from competitors – their simplicity. They have no large quantity not absolutely necessary buttons, control panels and other similar things. The unique button for management – the inclusion/switching off button.

For the rest navigation occurs automatically. Both models will work for 266 MHz the processor and to possess 64 Mb of the memory built in operatively. Besides, both models will support the Text-to-speech technology and can work in a navigation mode till 7 o’clock from one charge of the battery. The first model – GPS Drive 250 – will be equipped with the 4.3-inch display and will cost about $299. The second – GPS Drive 150 – will not possess at all the display. As such device will work – remains a riddle before receipt it on the market at the price in $199.

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