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The handle video camera

The handle video camera

The next device in James Bond’s style was presented by the Pacific Defense company. By sight it is an ordinary ball pen, but inside at it the whole set of espionage logic – a video camera, a microphone, Bluetooth the module, the slot under memory cards of Micro SD and even the motion sensor with five levels of sensitivity! In more detail about characteristics in news.

The small espionage device (diameter – 1.4 cm, it is long – 14.5 cm) allows to grasp video and audio in permission of 320×240 pixels with speed of 30 frames per second, then to a raid to transfer data either to the flash card, or on your mobile phone or the computer through Bluetooth the interface. By the way it is possible to use a video camera as together with a microphone, and separately. The built-in sensor allows to find any movement in the field of vision and to transfer it to any site (the computer or cellular with Bluetooth the module naturally is required).

As expected, the product will arrive on sale in March, 2008.

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