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The controler for gamers

The controler for gamers
The BELKIN company announced the new manipulator for the personal computer – Belkin n52te. You can see this gadget on a photo above, and it is focused generally on players in FPS games (first-person shooter), i.e. strelyalka, if in Russian. Besides, the manipulator will be suitable for players of MMORPG and strategy.

Belkin n52te possesses stylish blue illumination and provides, according to the producer, comfortable management of game at the expense of convenient keys. The device is supplied with a soft small pillow under a brush for convenience of a hand.

Especially it would be desirable to note possibilities ON Razer, going complete with the manipulator: a full nastraivayemost of all keys, possibility of export/import of all settings, fast switching between three configs of keys.

The device will arrive on the markets of Europe in November, 2007. The preliminary price – 70 euros.

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