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Sony announced new Vaio U

Sony announced new Vaio U

The Sony company presented the improved ultraportable personal computer (UMPC) of a known line of Vaio U. The new device received the new processor. Instead of earlier established Intel Core 2 Solo U2100 with clock frequency of 1.06 MHz now buyers of UMPC will receive the Core Solo U1400 processor with clock frequency of 1.2 MHz. The hard disk was increased to 40 gigabytes with 30.

From other specifications it should be noted the 4.5-inch touch screen with permission 1,024? 600 pixels, 1 gigabytes of random access memory, Intel 945GMS Express chipset, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The external interface includes USB ports, Felica, Firewire, Ethernet.

Improved Sony Vaio U shortly to appear in the Japanese market. Cost of a novelty will begin from 190000 Yens or $1655.

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