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MP3 player Ritmix RF-6800

MP3 player Ritmix RF-6800

At the end of September the new MP3 player of the Ritmix company, the known producer of portable equipment will go on sale. The novelty of RF-6800 will be outwardly similar to the RF-8600 model which not so long ago has appeared in the Russian market. However a number of important design features and original design of a box allocates RF-6800 from the MP3 players Ritmix collection.

Distinctive feature of RF-6800 consists in uniqueness of management which is carried out by means of pressing of one of four parties of the obverse panel. Lack of keys allowed to "place" the screen almost on all surface of a forward part of the case. Management of MP3 player RF-6800 is unusual, but it is convenient, and is excellent alternative «сенсорики».

One more obvious advantage of Ritmix RF-6800 is an existence of stereoloudspeakers which will allow to listen to favourite music without earphones and speakers.

The MP3 player will be issued in three options: 1, 2 or 4 Gb. To whom it will be a little, can increase memory of RF-6800, having inserted into the player slot the micro SD card.

The Ritmix company not only constantly expands the range of the production, but also updates the goods card – packing. The new design of a box developed specially for RF-6800, differs grace and respectability that completely corresponds to adaptability to manufacture of the device.

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