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The first color office 3d-printer already in Russia!

The first color office 3d-printer already in Russia!

«We are glad to present to the public really revolutionary equipment, – the director general of the CYBERCOM company Davidenko Alexander argues – Now everyone can receive color physical model without any difficult and expensive industrial equipment. We invite all wishing to visit our show room».

Cybercom (JSC Research Center Kibernetiki i Avtomatiki) is the official distributor in Russia and company ZCorporation, USA CIS countries. Specializes on sale and service of three-dimensional printers, the three-dimensional scanner, rendering of services of fast prototyping, 3D scannings, three-dimensional modeling and visualization. Сybercom actively invests means in perspective technologies. News and additional information on the Cybercom company can be found on a site:

ZPrinter450 is created for the press qualitative color 3D models from CAD files without the additional equipment when necessary and anywhere. Unique level of automation simplifies all process of creation of three-dimensional models. Automatic control and diagnostics cover almost all aspects of the press, reducing time of a kontaktirovaniye of the user with the printer by 40 %.

Moreover, ZPrinter450 is created for use at office. It does not need a lot of place, it does not raise dust, does not rustle and the kontaktirovaniya with liquids, it same, as well as all other printers at your office does not demand. Any can create conceptual 3D models, functional prototypes of products, architectural models and many other things. And the main thing – in few hours.

It fast, it color, it idle time in use also is available at improbably low price is ZPrinter450 from ZCorporation. It is Polnotsvetnaya 3D the press.

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