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Novelties in a series of CK earphones from Audio-Technica

Novelties in a series of CK earphones from Audio-Technica

In October the Japanese company Audio-Technica, the known producer of the high-quality sound equipment, presented 3 new models of earphones of the CK series in the Russian market. Month earlier on sale there was the first representative of this ruler – CK9. Now a series totals 4 various models of plug-in earphones – CK9, CK1, CK7 and CK52.

The main distinctive feature of earphones of the CK series is a tremendous ratio price/quality. The Audio-Technica company disproves the developed opinion that the good thing surely should be the road. Available, ultra-easy earphones inserts of the CK series of the real Japanese quality – to that the proof.

Let’s begin with the "female" ATH-CK1 model. Why such strict classification by a sexual sign? Because the lovely gentle coloring of the earphones, the case picked up in tone for their storage, made in the form of a powder box, and also in a set tell almost toy replaceable slips for itself. Besides, weight of tiny CK1 – all 3г (without a cable), and the size of "inserts" – 8,8мм that is ideal for small female ears.

CK52 earphones are executed in modern Hi-Tech style. This model will be pleasant both to women, and men. CK52 possess high sensitivity (104nu/MWt) and a wide frequency range (14-24000gts). The model differs the accurate fixed landing which guarantees that the earphone will not take off from an ear even during sports activities. The absolute comfort when carrying is reached thanks to small weight of earphones (5г) and to the replaceable nozzles of the different size entering into a set.

The CK7 model is very similar to CK52 and appearance, and some technical characteristics. CK7 earphones it is a little heavier (10г), but from the point of view of audiophiles is more solid", than CK52. An expanded frequency range (12-24000gts), capacity in 250мВт, the hi-tech sound coil create the realistic detailed sound picture. Generally, a gift for real experts. The cover enters into a delivery set besides replaceable overlays of the S/M/L sizes for storage of earphones.

The recommended price of the CK-1 models – 790 rubles, CK-52 – 960 rubles, CK-7 – 3540 rubles.

The Audio-Technica company was based in 1962 in Tokyo. Today it is one of the leading Japanese companies in the sphere of production of the high-quality sound equipment. In the first years of the existence Audio-Technica it was known as the producer of sound pickups for phonographs, today the company creates earphones, microphones, wireless systems, mixers and electronic devices for house and professional use. Until recently Audio-Technica earphones could be got only in Japan. Since 2006 they appeared and we in the country – the official distributor Audio-Technica in Russia and CIS countries have a BLADE Group of companies.

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