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MP3 player iAudio 7

MP3 player iAudio 7

The leader on production of a MP3 players, the South Korean company COWON represents the novelty – iAudio 7. Outwardly this device will be very similar to the iAudio 6 model – the same stylish and modern design, however on it their similarity comes to an end. If to speak about technical characteristics of these models, MP3 player iAudio 7 will be more functional.

Despite the small sizes, MP3 player iAudio 7 will possess a flash memory in volume of 4 or 8 Gb. Except possibility to create the musical collection of the impressive sizes, the user of iAudio 7 can listen to music round the clock, having forgotten about a charging. Time of continuous work of a MP3 player – 60 hours!

It should be noted that iAudio 7 – one of few a MP3 players with FLAC support. The FLAC format (free audio the codec without loss) keeps all available information in a musical stream therefore is ideally suited for an archiving of your MP3 collection.

In the Russian market MP3 player iAudio 7 from the COWON company it is expected at the end of July.

The recommended retail prices on 4Гб the version – 5590 rub, on 8 Gb the version – 7990 rub.

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