Micro-Camcorder – a find of the spy | Cameras, computers, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets 

Micro-Camcorder – a find of the spy

Micro-Camcorder - a find of the spy

Micro-Camcorder – this tiny chamber in size with a pack with a cud can quite become an excellent component of an arsenal of the young spy. The device is capable to write down video of high quality with frequency of 15 frames per second. The received material in files of 3GP formats remains. For storage of the finished shooting material Micro-Camcorder it is equipped with the slot for Micro SD format memory cards. For example, on a memory card in capacity of 1 gigabytes to be located about 33 hours of video.

For transfer of received video the novelty incorporates to the computer on means of USB of a cable. Thus the chamber is defined, how the ordinary disk store and does not demand drivers. Through USB the accumulator also is charged. It provides about 2 business hours of Micro-Camcorder. Cost in Europe $295.

Micro-Camcorder - a find of the spy

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