Memup Orizon the last PMP in the market | Cameras, computers, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets 

Memup Orizon the last PMP in the market

Memup Orizon the last PMP in the market

The competition PMP of devices in the market proceeds! Now the newest, the freshest, in the general most most is Memup Orizon. Details inside.

The device has 4.3 inch LCD screen with permission of 480×272 displaying 16 million flowers. Information can be stored in the device or on a hard disk in capacity 30Гб, or on a flash cards of the SD standard or MMC, the benefit the corresponding slots are present. From hardware possibilities the device can brag of the FM module, a microphone, audio and video inputs and outputs, and as four hours of continuous work at full loading! Reproduced formats of files – DivX, XviD, WMV and MJPEG for video, a MP3 and WMA for audio, JPEG, GIFI BMP for pictures. Memup Orizon will cost to you $378.

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