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The universal photo copier

The universal photo copier
You often happen on trips, photograph much? Then you most likely faced a problem of shortage of memory on a memory card. Sanho HyperDrive Colorspace – the new device which should solve this problem. The novelty possesses a hard disk and serves as temporary storage for your photos during absence nearby access to the computer.

The gadget possesses 18 slots for the most popular formats of memory cards and allows to copy without problems all data from the card on the built-in 2.5-inch hard disk. Also the device has a 2.2-inch display for viewing of photos before or after copying.

It is necessary to mention also function of recovery of remote files from memory cards. It can be useful very strongly. The price for a novelty will be established in the area from $259 to $459 depending on capacity of a hard disk.

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