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Being self-destroyed flash card

Being self-destroyed flash card

Whether often happened such, what information undesirable to viewing to another’s people, and at times and confidential, got nevertheless into strange hands? If for you it is a problem, the flash card of IronKey is made for you!

Data on IronKey are coded by special system of enciphering – AES that gives you full confidence that anybody any more will not disturb data on it without you. At inquiry of access to a flash card it will be offered to you to enter previously the specified password. In case you are the 10th time ошибётесь – all data on an USB flash card will be destroyed.

Besides, IronKey can store data of your Internet passwords. Now it is not necessary to hold everything in the head! It is enough to remember only one password!

IronKey works with speeds: 30 Mb a second on reading and 20 Mb a second on record. The producer reports that such cards use for a long time the American intelligence services. Unfortunately, the price for this gadget does not extend yet.

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