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Automobile navigation system Bushnell NAV500

Automobile navigation system Bushnell NAV500

The market of navigation systems develops rough rates. And even more often producers began to position the devices, as the decision for these or those conditions. One of such examples is the automobile navigation system Bushnell NAV500 GPS which, according to developers, differs high safety in operation at movement on difficult sites of the road or on a cross-country terrain.

Work of Bushnell NAV500 is based on SiRF Star III GPS a receiver. In addition the 3.5-inch touch QVGA screen, the slot enters into equipment of the device for SD memory cards the integrated MP3 player. Also from possibilities of a novelty it is necessary to allocate function of voice informing on the district and viewing of photos. X143 x sizes 76 of 23 mm. It should be noted that the SD memory card is included in a set to GPS from 1.5 Gb of USA maps, Canada and other regions.

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