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Ashcan – the device for storage of stubs

Ashcan - the device for storage of stubs

In many countries the ban on smoking in public places for a long time is imposed. But similar measures exist far not everywhere. Therefore besides a harmful tobacco smoke, in many countries face high impurity of streets from the stubs thrown out, anywhere. Often the reason of similar actions of smokers is banal lack of garbage tanks. For Russia very actual problem.

This problem and for inhabitants of Great Britain is not alien. But unlike Russia, there can easily fine for thrown out in a stub not put place. For this reason shortly on counters of the British shops there will be simple, but a useful Ashcan adaptation from Tesco firm. The novelty is intended for the smokers caring of purity of the streets and completeness of a purse. It represents tight capacity for four stubs which at all does not pass an unpleasant smell. Sales of Ashcan will begin in July at the price of about $3.

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