Announcement of the unique Ritmix FMT-A910 | Cameras, computers, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets 

Announcement of the unique Ritmix FMT-A910

Announcement of the unique Ritmix FMT-A910

In November the line of the Ritmix transmitters, the known producer of portable equipment, will replenish with two FMT-A910 and FMT-A950 models. Novelties become the first and while the automobile universal devices unique in Russia with expanded possibilities. Let’s dwell upon one of models – Ritmix FMT-A910 which prototype is FMT-A900.

So, as already it was told above, the FMT-A910 and FMT-A900 models are very similar. The design and a standard set of functions at these players transmitters as a whole are similar. However, considerably the expanded range of possibilities of FMT-A910 made this model in own way unique.

Partly, such technical transformations became real in connection with emergence of "empty seat" for every possible buttons. The remote control entering into a set of delivery of the new transmitter, not only allocated it with a huge set of functions, but also facilitated FMT-A910 operation in the car.

Scrolling and "label" in a track, possibility to remember a stop place (at reproduction of long audiobooks), listening of a separate interesting part of composition is not all, on what Ritmix FMT-A910 is capable!

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